Curious By Nature

March 10, 2013

One question we get asked a lot is, “What’s up with your company name?”  Well, our founder, Jamie Chong, considers himself a very curious person.  He’s never content until he understands why or how.  It’s hard to express how curious someone might be – you could say someone is “very curious”.  Interpret “very” as “largely” and then you might wonder how large?  Our answer, as you might have figured, is as large as a hippopotamus

It’s really that simple!  We only discovered afterward the other fun inklings hippocurious has to offer.  The hippocampus, for example, is a part of the brain that contributes to memory formation.  Albert Einstein was quoted as saying: “I have no special talent.  I am only passionately curious.”  And hippocras is a spiced wine that has been known to sweeten negotiation.

We realize that hippos can actually be quite antagonizing, but we are by no means of that sort.  We might be hungry hungry hippos, but our appetite is for knowledge; the kind where our expertise and our experience compliments yours.  We’re excited to work with forward-thinking companies and intent on building not just awesome websites, but also lasting relationships.  Look forward to our future posts where we plan to showcase some of our great ideas and to share the answers our curious minds have discovered.

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